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The Impact on Families

Mother and Daughter Love

Family Impact

The debilitating effects of autism manifest somewhere within a child’s first three years of life, and essentially rob a child of their ability to function normally, and parents of their hopes and dreams for a normal future for their child. With a diagnosis of autism, parents find that precious little is scientifically known about autism, and that it is not a medically treatable disorder at this time. Parents are often ill-equipped to deal with the intense special needs of a child with this disorder. These children are often so severely involved that they require 24-hour attention from parents, teachers and caregivers.Without appropriate educational opportunities, the picture for many children that are diagnosed with autism can be bleak. Often entire families are destroyed as the strain of the unending uphill daily battle becomes greater than the family can withstand. It becomes imperative that families receive early intervention services aimed toward empowering parents to effectively manage the needs of their special child with the guidance and support of an appropriate educational facility

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